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As faculty in the Stanford Business School’s Advanced Management College for 16 years, Dr. Rich has taught more than 1,000 high-performance professionals behavior-based skills for sustaining professional excellence, including stress management, time management, mindful self-awareness, compassionate communication, and work-life balance. Dr. Rich’s designs and delivers workshops for corporate clients, including: Xerox, Fluidigm, The Nature Conservancy, Menlo School, LJL Biosystems, Montgomery Watson, U.S.West, Onizuka Air Force Base, Computer Sciences Corporation, The REEF Funds, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company and San Diego Gas and Electric.
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Sample Stress Management Plan.

Stress Management and Health Promotion Programs and Research

Dr. Rich develops stress management programs for individual and corporate clients in which people learn to identify existing stress management strengths and develop new tools to survive and thrive in the midst of stressful demands. Programs explore physical, behavioral and emotional aspects of stress management. Effective methods for resolving current stress, sustaining resilience and preventing future stress are identified and practiced. Creation of a personal stress management action plan is included.
Sample Stress Management Plan.

As the founding Assistant Director of the Stanford Health Improvement Program, Dr. Rich pioneered the development of effective stress management and health promotion programs that integrate Eastern and Western traditions of health and healing.

Dr. Rich has been integrating the principles and practices of mindfulness, compassion and meditation into stress management and health promotion since 1984. At Stanford University and Stanford Medical Center, she develops and teaches classes and workshops in mindfulness and compassion-based lifestyle skills for the general population and for people with stress-related health conditions.
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Dr. Rich also wrote school curriculum for the Stanford Adolescent Health Projects to promote emotional intelligence and wellness among middle and high school students. Tia developed and directed the Stanford Optimal Health and Fitness Camp which taught children mindfulness meditation, compassionate communication, yoga, aerobics and nutrition, and provided cognitive behavioral group therapy to promote emotional self-regulation and improve overall physical and psychological well-being.