Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Stress Management for Adults, Couples, and Adolescents.

“Through my work with Tia, I have learned from a hard time in my life. I dealt with the problem and became more prepared for my future. I learned self-awareness, self-soothing, relationship and communication skills. I now enjoy being with my friends, family and co-workers.” Quoted with permission from former client.

Dr. Rich helps people with their anxiety, depression and stress, as they experience challenges in their career, relationships, and the events of life.

In the therapeutic relationship with Dr. Rich, clients receive empathy and compassion along with practical skills, scientific information and mind-body practices.

Clients benefit from a therapeutic approach that integrates Western methods of psychology, such as cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapy, with the Eastern traditions of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Individuals with stress-related conditions, such as pain, TMJ, skin rashes, chronic GI distress, heart disease, disordered eating, panic, anxiety and depression experience relief through Tia’s multidimensional approach.

In her work with couples she supports them to resolve past issues, build their connection and deepen their relationship, or, when appropriate, complete their relationship. Tia has facilitated a divorce support group for more than 10 years, assisting individuals and their children through the stages of divorce. Tia also has facilitated support groups for individuals navigating career and workplace changes.            Make an Appointment with Dr. Rich.