IDEAS: Action Plan for Reducing Stress (Sample)

Idea: Specify your goal.

I would like to: communicate assertively with my co-workers more often and without stress.

Develop a Plan: Specify what you need to do to reach your goal.

In order to reach my goal, I should do the following things:
a. write up a conversation in which I was not assertive; then write down what I wish I had said.
b. role-play the conversation with a friend. Notice when I feel nervous.
c. practice maintaining diaphragmatic breathing while communicating assertively.
d. with close friends who will give me feedback, practice expressing my feelings about this topic and formulating assertive ways to communicate my feelings.

Evaluate: Where will I do these things?

I know that I feel most confident while walking in nature, therefore ask my friend to go on a walk with me to role-play what I wish I had said in the conversation I wrote up. Because it will be difficult to write up the conversation that did not go the way I wish it had, I am going to sit in the park where I feel good and write it up there.

How will I do these things?

I will increase my ability to communicate assertively without experiencing stress by practicing in supportive settings and with supportive people. I will use diaphragmatic breathing to keep my body calm and stress free, and to keep my mind focused so I can communicate clearly.

Act: When will I do these things?

I will go to the park this Saturday morning to write up the conversation. I will invite my friend to take a walk and do this role-play with me on Sunday morning.

I, ___________________________________, agree to follow this Action Plan for the next two weeks. I also agree to work to solve problems that might get in the way of my Plan.

See how you are doing:

After 2 weeks I will evaluate my plan and make improvements as needed.